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Ahmed Ibrahim al-Raiisi

Basic information

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Work history

01/2002 – 12/2005
Al Masarrat National Trading , Ibri
HR Coordinator

1) Managing/involving in project staffing: Develop HR plan, Acquire project team, and Develop project team. 2) Heading and coordinating between recruitment section and governmental relationship sections. 3) Dealing with different type of disciplinary related issues, and conducting its interview. 4) Managing end of service clearance application, as acting employee services coordinator. 5) Implementing HR policy to decide on eligibility in general overseeing employee benefit eligibility and enrollments. 6) Implementing a faster, flexible and suitable recruitment process and ensuring that there is a suitable skill mix of staff in all areas to meet the quantity and quality of human resources required. 7) Assisting in doing accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll departments. 8) Coordinate general benefits and payroll/HRMS administrator.

01/2006 – 07/2007
Al-Bersian , Muscat
Business Partner

1) Responsible for all the HRMS users/customers requirement collection phase, as an associated partner and HRMS project coordinator. 2) Led more than successful 3 full projects in the HRMS systems for many companies.

11/2007 – 08/2008
Thuraya , Abu Dhabi
HR Services Assistance

1) Developed Business Trips Management System based on Thuraya HR Policy using advanced Microsoft Excel techniques. 2) Developed Thuraya Overtime Management System based on the UAE labour standards and Etisalat policy using advanced Microsoft Excel techniques. 3) Developed Thuraya Employee Leave Management System using advanced Microsoft Excel techniques. 4) Involved in the new Great Plains-HRMS project – User requirement phase. 5) Providing top service to employees, conducting reference checks, assisting with new hire preparation and orientation, and assisting employees with benefit issues. 6) Initiates reports / regular and Ad hoc basis covering various manpower issues. 7) Managing business trip application and its expense statement. 8) Managing pension process. 9) Participating in UAE Career Fair-2008, as an exhibitor.

08/2008 – 01/2010
Musanada , Abu Dhabi
Business Analyst

1) Developed and maintain interim status review report for construction and design projects in three different regions. 2) Play a coordinator role between Musanada and internal and external consultancies. 3) Managing the data fallow between Musanada and Building Projects Sector in the Municipalities. 4) Setting up performance management system, for Musanada building services’ employees. 5) Analysing data and present it for decision making.

01/2009 – 04/2010
Musanada , Abu Dhabi
Business Process Specialist

1) Data collection and analysis of business requirements. 2) Presentation of findings at required levels. 3) Working collaboratively with the project team and stakeholders. 4) General Business Analysis. 5) Requirements planning and management, elicitation, analysis and communication. 6) Solution assessment and validation.

04/2010 – Present
Musanada , Abu Dhabi
Sr. Strategy Specialist

1) Formalise the Governance Arrangements for Strategic Initiatives. 2) Measure, Monitor and Report performance achievement at Corporate / Divisional / Service level against targets and provide objective assessment of performance. 3) Client Performance Reporting. 4) Enhancement of Performance Management solution (Corporater) to provide increased functionality and ease of use. 5) Own and manage KPI trackers across Musanada departments. 6) Support Building Services to capture data.


01/2011 – Present
American University in the Emirates , Dubai
Level of Education: Undergraduated University, Finished: No
01/1999 – 09/2001
University of South Carolina - The Moore Scho , Columbia , SC
Level of Education: Undergraduated University, Finished: No

Languages and skills

Project Management
Performance Analysis
Business Analysis
Process Engineering
Business Planning
Business Strategy
Strategic Planning
Performance Management


Certifications:Project Management Professional (PMP) (Project Management Institute, Inc. License 1510984 June 2012)

Certifications:Certified Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP) (The George Washington University - CPS December 2011)

Certifications:Certified Strategist from Planning to Execution (Meirc Training & Consulting December 2010)

Certifications: Certified Business Analyst (ExpertRating Solutions License 2268790 May 2009)

Courses: Human Resources Management Skills

Courses: Introduction to Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008)

Courses: Quality Management System Internal Auditor (ISO 9001:2008)

Courses: Scenario Planning

Courses: PMP Exam Preparation Course PME001

Courses: Balanced Scorecard Professionals (BSP) Certification - Boot Camp.

Courses: The Certified Strategist from Planning to Execution

Courses: Scenario Planning and Analysis

Academic Achievement - University of South Carolina, December 2000.

Academic Achievement - University of South Carolina, May 2000.