Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Are you looking for a work as an administrative assistant? Then take some inspiration from our example resume for this job…

Rachel Lane

Administrative Assistant

Basic Information

  • 3882 West Virginia Avenue, Hudson, NY
  • 518-828-2420

Work Experience

11/1984 – 12/2001 John Billings Life Insurance Company
Administrative Assistant

Assisted the owner with the smaller tasks in her day to day activities. Was responsible for taking notes in meetings, making and breaking appointments, and writing a weekly schedule of events that was due to the owner every Monday. Other responsibilities included answering phones, greeting guests and helping to do a month inventory of office supplies.


02/1979 – 11/1984 Hindsight Pharmaceuticals
Administrative Assistant

Worked as an administrative assistant under the Vice President of Marketing for the company. Main job responsibilities were answering phone calls, taking messages and greeting customers. However, there were other occasional side tasks that were assigned such as sending out a quarterly department wide memo detailing the departmental progress for the past 3 months and taking notes in meetings that the Vice President could not attend.



May 1979 University of North Carolina
Bachelor of Art in Communications

Graduated in May of 2004 with the distinction “Magna Cum Laude”. Final GPA was 3.75. Was involved with drama club, chess club, and cooking club. Held the title of “President” in the cooking club for 2 years.


Languages & Skills
Skills Computer skills
Problem Solving Microsoft Office
Reporting Microsoft Windows
PhotoshopAnalytical Skills
Teamwork Languages
English, Spanish