Attorney Resume Example

Are you looking for a work as an attorney? Then take some inspiration from our example resume for this job…

Richard Alcaraz


Basic Information

3882 West Virginia Avenue, Hudson,



Work Experience

11/1984 – 12/2001 Andrews & Associates

Worked at the company for ten years, was promoted to Partner after six, became a junior partner after only 2 years. Learned a lot from other partners who have over 60 years of combined experience in law. Dealt mostly with estate law. Also worked on some divorce cases and other family issues such as custody hearings.

02/1979 – 11/1984 Brooks and Smith
Junior Partner

Worked for three years for the firm, working as junior partner for one of them. Was promoted to junior partner after having the highest success rate at the firm for two years running. Cases were mostly defense for small crimes such as DUI, DWI, or possession charges. Participate in over 300 DUI cases each year. Also dealt with divorce proceedings as well as custody hearings and trials.

May 1979 University of Pennsylvania
Juris Doctor, School of Law

Received law degree with honors. Graduated 15th out of a class of 500. Participated in mock trial events, sat in on hearings and law proceedings, and participated on the University’s debate team.

Languages & Skills

Skills Computer skills
                   Problem Solving ★★★★☆ Microsoft Office
                   Reporting ★★★★☆ Microsoft Windows
Photoshop★★★★☆  Analytical Skills
                   Teamwork Languages
English, Spanish