CEO Resume Example

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Harvey Brown


Basic Information

3882 West Virginia Avenue, Hudson,



Work Experience

11/1984 – 12/2001 The Sizemore Group

Have been working for the company for 15 years. Promoted from Vice President of Sales after 8 years of work. Responsible for implementing a large scale recovery plan for the entire company resulting in a wide profit increase for all branches of the corporation. Since taking over as CEO, the company has seen a yearly profit increase of about 6% each year.

02/1979 – 11/1984 Sterling Corporation

Co-founder and co-owner of the investment firm. Started the company with three other investors in 1983 and quickly rose to a Fortune 1000 company within 6 years. Was responsible for dictating the direction of the company along with deciding on advanced investment and marketing strategies. Sold shares in the company during a buyout in 1993. Company still remains on the Fortune 1000 list today.

May 1979 Tulane University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Earned a degree in Business Administration along with a minor in Finance. Learned to understand and navigate the business world through education and three summer internships with Fortune 500 companies. Participated in Tennis and Chess clubs.

Languages & Skills

Skills Computer skills
Problem Solving Microsoft Office
Reporting Microsoft Windows
PhotoshopAnalytical Skills
Teamwork Languages
English, Spanish