Detective Resume Example

Are you looking for a work as a detective? Then take some inspiration from our example resume for this job…

Albert Webb


Basic Information

773 Mill Street, Tampa, FL 33602


Work Experience

5/2002 – 8/2002 Martin Investigations
Private Detective

Conducting personal and private investigations into missing persons, spouses who are suspected of infidelity, and others who are suspected of potential crimes. All information is obtained in a professional manner and investigation results are often used during court proceedings. Occasionally hired by local police to do small surveillance and information gathering work on potential suspects of a crime. Responsible for reporting any criminal action to police and testifying in court if necessary.

Bosh and Martin, PIs
Private Investigator

Responsible for investigation of potential crimes brought to the company’s attention by clients. Responsible for surveillance of suspects and reporting any criminal activity to the police. Occasionally called as an expert witness in court proceedings. Also worked as an escort for valuable merchandise entrusted to the company by clients.

May 2003 Louisiana State University

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Graduated with a GPA of 3.25. Learned about the inter-workings of the criminal justice system. Also attended many different workshops that were run by the local police and various other police agencies such as the FBI and DEA.


Skills Computer skills
★★★★★   Analytical Skills ★★★★★ Microsoft Office
★★★★☆   Reporting ★★★☆☆ Microsoft
★★★☆☆   Problem Solving
Other skills
Team Player, Work Under Pressure