Pharmacist Resume Example

Are you looking for a work as a pharmacist? Then take some inspiration from our example resume for this job…

Cathy Ortiz


BASIC INFORMATION 1822 Mudlick Road, Spokane, WA 99201

5/2016 – 8/2016 Walgreens Pharmacy
Staff Pharmacist


Worked to fill prescriptions in a pharmacy that filled over 2,000 prescriptions per week. Consulted with doctors and patients to ensure the proper dosage. Also worked to ensure that patients are properly informed on how to use the medication as well as potential warning signs of an adverse reaction and any possible side effects. Also responsible for clearing any prescriptions with HMO’s and other insurance companies.

9/2016 – Present CVS Pharmacy
Staff Pharmacist


Worked on the 3rd shift in a 24 hour pharmacy. Helped to fill prescriptions for patients and advised them on the use of various medications. Checked for any medication conflicts that may arise and warned patients of any potential side effects. Also in charge of consulting with doctors and insurance companies to ensure that patients are getting the correct medication that is covered by their insurance.

May 2014 University of Illinois
Bachelor of Science in Biology


Earned a degree in Biology as a per-pharmacy degree. Learned about the biological structure of drugs and how they effect the biology of human beings.

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