Retail Manager Resume Example

Are you looking for a work as a retail manager? Then take some inspiration from our example resume for retail…

Jack Edwards

Retail manager

Basic Information

3882 West Virginia Avenue, Hudson,



Work Experience

11/1984 – 12/2001 Best Buy
Store Manager

In charge of overseeing the daily activities of Best Buy store #243. Responsibilities include hiring and firing of employees, scheduling, handling customer complaints, conflict management, inventory tracking and ordering, special orders from other stores, and approving payroll. Also in charge of implementing effective loss control strategies, staying up to date with the latest corporate promotions, and helping to train employees in all departments of the store.

02/1979 – 11/1984 Macy’s Department Store
Store Manager

Responsible for keeping the department store running on a day to day basis. In charge of overseeing the activities of employees, hiring and firing employees as the needs of the store change, ensuring that overnight stockers have the proper access to do their jobs, and making sure that the store is presentable at all times and ready for customer use.

May 1979 University of Delaware
Bachelor of Art in Business Administration

Learned about how the business world works and learned how to properly run a business. Began to focus on retail industries during junior year. Served internships at Best Buy corporate headquarters.

Languages & Skills

Skills Computer skills
★★★★★  Problem Solving ★★★★☆ Microsoft Office
★★★★★    Reporting ★★★★☆ Microsoft Windows
★★★★★ Photoshop★★★★☆ Analytical Skills
★★★★★  Teamwork