Theatre Resume Example

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Thomas Bowers


Basic Information

3882 West Virginia Avenue, Hudson,



Work Experience

11/1984 – 12/2001 Baltimore Theatre Company
Actor/Stage Hand

Participated in many different plays over the course of tenure with the company. Have had experience with different parts of stage craft such as set design, direction, stage crew duties such as lighting and sound technicians. Have played the part of extras and supporting roles. Highlight roles were the Wood Cutter in the play “Rashomon” and the part of Henry Higgins in the production of “My Fair Lady.”

02/1979 – 11/1984 Marlton Players Theater Company
Actor/Stage Hand/Assistant Director

Participated in over 20 different plays with the company. Have worked on background and scene design with art committees, worked as an assistant director, and worked as a sound technician. Have also worked as an extra in 5 plays, and have starred in various roles such as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet and as Hamlet in the play of the same name.

May 1979 Washington University
Bachelor of Art in Performance Arts

Learned about theater arts and participated in 5 plays during tenure. Also participated in the Red Eye Theater club and wrote and starred in various short plays.

Languages & Skills

Skills Computer skills
★★★★★  Problem Solving ★★★★☆ Microsoft Office
★★★★★    Reporting ★★★★☆ Microsoft Windows
★★★★★ Photoshop★★★★☆ Analytical Skills
★★★★★  Teamwork
English, Spanish