Putting together a resume that is both creative and impressive is important. With so many people looking for jobs in these hard-economic times, standing out among the competition is vital to securing a position. Getting the job means coming up with a resume that not only emphasizes your skills and work experience but also highlighting your creativity.

Be straight to the point whenever possible. It is hard for the person reading the resume to read paragraphs on end to get to the point. Writing in bullet point form instead of paragraph form is one way to achieve this effect. One way to be both concise and interesting is to make a resume out of a chart or to demonstrate it on a timeline.

Use graphics and images to your advantage but be as creative as possible. It’s a good idea to avoid any clip-art that is generic. Use an image as a logo that you create or edit to be personalized. You can also use white space to your advantage, by using the left quarter of the page as white space with a design and using the rest of the page as a template to list the information.

Some job seekers create an online resume. Facebook is one tool that can be used to piece together a resume with work history, talents, traits, photos, and comments from previous employers. It can also be used to provide writing or artistic samples, if that fits into the desired line of work. This type of resume would be best for work-from-home or telecommuting positions.

Not only should a resume include education and work history, it should also include interests and hobbies. This will show that you are well-rounded and social. Listing less than five activities and interests is a good idea, especially if they include roles in leadership. You may stand out to a potential employer by sharing a common interest.

Another way to stand out among the crowd is to use high-quality paper to create an air of professionalism. You can even use a color other than white, but make it just a bit different, like gray tint. You may choose to have it printed by a professional so that the printing looks clean and neat.

It is important to remember that while it is important to be creative and interesting, do not go overboard. It’s also important that you do not lie in your resume.

Interesting Resume Means Better job

If you want a better job, then consider revising your resume. Since most employers weed out candidates for an advertised position by reviewing these documents, it is advisable to spruce up that paper in order to make it through until the final cut.

The first step in the application process involves submitting a resume for inspection. This is then inspected by the human resources staff who looks at the pile of candidates and does a quick scan to see if any of them meet the criteria as required by the posting. It is here that you can really stand out from the crowd.

A page that is both topical and highly related to the opening in the company is certain to get more attention. It is also the only way to receive a personal interview request. Without the latter, you have no way to showcase your personality or how you can help the company. This is the first job of the resume and cover letter combination – allowing you to get your foot in the door.

All job openings have keywords that are used by the firm. This is done intentionally to see who can pick up on such subtle differences when looking for employment. For example, a technology position might include some of the current buzzwords to see if the potential employee has experience that is relevant. It can also be done to see what kind of schooling a potential employee might have had.

If you are looking to upgrade your status, then it is important to note what types of phrases are contained in the original posting and consider implementing a few into your resume. This is bound to catch the eye of the recruiter and get you past the first round of cuts.

The next thing to do when revising a resume page is to make sure than only related employment is listed here. That is to say that most employers do not care that you worked for Joe’s Ice Cream Parlor when you were sixteen and in high school. They want to know that you have relevant background experience related to the position that was open. The less time required for training, the more quickly you can help them make money.

Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure it just means you haven’t succeeded yet.

Robert H. Schuller

Once this is completed, make sure that you have everything organized nice and neat. It is also probably not necessary to have a job objective either. You are already applying for this spot, so redundancy is not necessary here.

As a final precaution, make sure to run your page through a spell checker. While this will not catch all of the errors, it will get the simple ones. Your best bet is to read through it out loud and see what it sounds like. Then have a good friend do the same thing. The main cause of rejection is poor grammar and spelling errors. Avoid this at all costs.

Make yours a winning resume and you are certain to be one of the final candidates for this job.