When You’re Unhappy at Your New Job: Stay or Leave?

Starting a new job can be both an exciting and daunting experience. In the beginning, you have high hopes for your new job but may not know what to expect. If after giving your new job your best effort for a reasonable period of time, you find yourself unhappy in the position, it’s time to make a hard decision: do you stay or leave?

While being unhappy at your job can be miserable, not having a job at all could be a lot worse. When considering whether to stay or leave your new job, be sure to weigh your options carefully. If your new job is absolutely intolerable, it may be best to try and line up a new job before leaving so that you don’t end up being unemployed. With today’s economy and job market, being unemployed is a position that you don’t want to find yourself in.

Another thing to take into consideration is how quitting your new job quickly will look to any potential employers. Quitting a job quickly doesn’t always look bad, but it’s important that you’re ready and capable of validating your reasoning and situation to future employers when asked.

Furthermore, if you know that your new job is one that will be valuable on your resume, you may want to consider whether sticking it out would be better in the long run.

Give It Time and Effort

When deciding whether to stay or leave your new job, be sure that you’ve first given your new job enough time. Sometimes, new jobs can have a rough start, but you may find that over time you learn to enjoy your new job. If you don’t like something small about your new job, such as your office, there are ways to go about improving the situation. When you put the effort in at making your new job work for you, you may find that the new job isn’t so bad after all. If you decide to stay at your new job and work on making positive changes so that you’ll be happier, be sure to allow time for the changes to come through; don’t make any hasty decisions.

While staying at a horrible job can be miserable, the important thing is to weigh your options and consider the consequences before leaving your new job in a hurry.