Your Family Doesn’t Like Your Job

It’s important to make money to support your family and to put a roof over your head, but what can you do when your family tells you that they hate your job? Having a job means making sacrifices but it’s important to consider what you are sacrificing for the sake of work. You’re family might enjoy the money you make when you are working, but they miss out on spending time with you. One of the most common complaints is that work takes too much time away from family. If the family is not seeing you enough and dislike your job, it may be time to find a new one.

There are many reasons why your family might not be thrilled about your current occupation. Jobs that keep you away from home for extended periods of time can cause a rift in the family, as spouses and children can begin to feel lonely and neglected. Distance creates strife in the home, and it may be time to find something that lands you back at your dinner table each and every night.

Being forced by an employer to work unreasonable hours can create an atmosphere of stress in the home. If you are on a totally different schedule than everyone else in your house, your family will never get to spend any quality time with you. Asking the boss for better hours is worth a try, but that doesn’t always work out. Strange work hours can disrupt a household by throwing off sleep patterns, postponing meal time, and making it next to impossible to participate in family leisure activities. It’s especially painful if you have the type of job where your boss changes your schedule every week. Planning anything with your family is a lost cause when you don’t know what your hours will be from one week to the next.

Do you make enough?

Low pay and lack of hours is also a major cause for concern. Family life will become a nightmare if you don’t make enough at your job to keep food on the table. This is a common concern during this harsh economic climate where homes are being foreclosed on left and right and hard working men and women are being forced to apply for government assistance. In order to keep a family happy you need to be able to support it. Trouble with rent and utility bills can spark arguments and make everyone in the home generally miserable. Asking the boss for extra hours is futile in an environment where everyone is being laid off due to cost cutting.

Make a change

The best way to find a new job is to start looking while you still have a position at the job your family dislikes. Consider all the different options available to somebody with your level of education, skills, and work experience. Think of what is important to your family. Making enough money is important but you should also take into consideration the reasons why your family wants you to find a new position. Once you have thought about it, start your job search.

It is essential to continue building up your resume before you begin to apply for work. Consider creating a profile on networking sites that are meant for finding employment. Not only does it help when applying for jobs online but it can also demonstrate your computer skills. A good resume should include a description of your skills, work experience, and education. A resume should be a positive representation of what you can offer to a potential employer. It is also a good idea to have a personal mission statement on your resume that offers a goal related to the specific work that you are applying for. In addition, the resume should be interesting. Employers spend hours reading dull resumes. Yours should leave a lasting impression.

In the end you must realize that family is important and it may not be worth it to stay at a job you don’t care for if your family hates it. There are disadvantages to staying at a job your family dislikes. If you are married or dating, your partner is going to feel that you are ignoring them. They may feel that you believe work is more important than family. If you aren’t able to spend enough time with your children, they may grow to resent that. Think about how important your family is to you and how you can improve your relationships with each family member.

Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Your Job

Are you seeking new employment because your boyfriend doesn’t like your job? The first thing you need to consider is whether you like the job yourself. Is it a job to which you have no objection but no emotional connection either? Getting a new job might be acceptable as long as you make sure the new one holds just as much appeal and pays just as well as the old one. Do you dislike your current job as much as your boyfriend does? By all means, then, look for something different.

If he has disdain for the employment you have chosen, you might want to consider whether this is really the guy for you anyway.

However, if you are extremely satisfied in your current job, don’t let your boyfriend steer you in a different direction. If you’re leaving your job, it should be for you and nobody else. There’s a chance that your boyfriend might not even be around in a year or two, while you will be in a new job wishing that you had stuck with the old one. If he has disdain for the employment you have chosen, you might want to consider whether this is really the guy for you anyway. A man who loves you will support your choices, even if they might not be as glamorous or high-paying as they could be.

On the other hand, he could be trying to support you and show you that you are worthy of something better. If it is merely lack of confidence that has you trapped in your current job, take the time to put together a resume that you can use to woo future employers. Don’t lie about any of your accomplishments, but don’t downrate yourself either. People have a tendency to sell themselves short, and your boyfriend may be able to help you see some of the skills you have and the contributions that you are able to make.

Every job can have dignity and merit, and it is ultimately up to you to decide whether your own job holds that kind of value for you.

If this is something that he brings up frequently, have a talk with him about the reasons for his disapproval. This will help you hash out all the issues and determine whether the problem is with your job, your self-esteem or your boyfriend. Every job can have dignity and merit, and it is ultimately up to you to decide whether your own job holds that kind of value for you. If it does not, don’t just accept things as they are. Carefully craft your resume so that it highlights your worthiness to potential employers and then start looking for another job. Life is too precious to settle for less than what you can be.