Though it has happened to a lucky few job hunters in the past, jobs typically don’t just fall in your lap. You not only have to seek out a job, but must take a proactive approach while doing so. The current economy has significantly decreased the number of available positions out there and increased the competition for potential jobs you do find. This means more searching for jobs and using strategies to find jobs that don’t have a ton of applicants. Those looking for jobs in this economy should exhaust every resource and explore multiple avenues if they hope to find success.

How is Your Online Presence?

Signing up with websites that connect you with employers is another great way to find a job. Job search engines can help in many ways. These sites can connect you with employers in a variety of industries that are looking to fill positions. Signing up with one or more of these job sites can boost your odds of employment. One Microsoft study estimates 79% of businesses search online for new employees. Thirty-five percent of hiring managers unhesitatingly withdrew candidates based on what was found on there social networking pages.

Make sure you check out what you say on social network pages!

Almost everyone now has access to the internet. This remarkable tool assists job seekers by providing a variety of different job sites and websites for companies they might want to work for. You can use to narrow search for jobs posted by businesses in areas around the country or use job search sites, such as or These sites allow you to narrow your search based on location, industry or job title. The job search site not only lets you customize your job search, but also provides you with reviews and salaries for various positions at a company.

Who You Know Matters!

First off it is always in your best interest to network. It is not what you know, it is who you know, especially when you are trying to get your figurative foot in the door. Most employed people right now have jobs because of someone they knew that told them about a job. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in 2010 alone, a whopping 35% found jobs through networking. Only two years later and the number has almost double. The U.S. Department of Labor say, “65-70% of jobs are gained through personal acquaintances.”

Networking has always served as a great tool in finding a new job or promoting your skills. With the rise in social media, job hunters can network online as well as with people in their daily lives. If you know someone in your industry, perhaps a former co-worker or even a friend or relative, let them know you need work and ask if they know of any good job leads. This personal tool could bring you a job prospect that doesn’t have dozens of other applicants vying for the spot. To network online, use the social media site Linkedin. This website allows professionals to post their career goals, resumes and cover letters to a comprehensive profile, gaining exposure to many potential employers.

Some people enlist the help of a temporary agency or a headhunter to find a job. A headhunter is a middleman between a company and potential employees. Headhunters go to bat for their clients, and having one can get you ahead of the competition. Most headhunters specialize in a specific industry, so if you do hire one, make sure the headhunter is very familiar with the job sector in which you are seeking employment.

Why Apply Face-to-Face?

You may find that visiting a prospective employer and handing in your resume personally may help you land the job. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, forty-eight percent of successful job seekers gave a direct application to employers in 2009. With so many people applying online. This gives the employer a chance to see who the person is behind the computer screen. Make sure your appearance is professional and polished when trying this method of job seeking. First impressions are everything when applying for employment.

Though most people nowadays take their job search to the web, sometimes you need to get out there and look for a job the old fashioned way. By pounding the pavement you can present yourself to businesses and increase your chance for a response. This method also allows you to choose a company and inquire about their current job availability, eliminating the frustrating process of responding to anonymous companies online and never hearing back.

The Quick Tips That Count!

  • Volunteering for an organizations that you have a common interest in can help your employment situation. If you stick with the organization you demonstrate your commitment, which will in turn, build up your references and responsibility in that position.
  • Before you begin filling out job applications, you need to be prepared. It is important to have a flawless resume and cover letter. Read your resume carefully, and be sure that it accurately reflects your past jobs and responsibilities. Your cover letter should outline your skills and the type of job that you are searching for. Proofread both documents carefully for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • While you are refining these documents, decide who you should use as references. Most job applications will ask for the contact information of individuals that can vouch for your abilities and character. If you were successful at your last job, a former employer is a great reference. If you do not have much job experience, a former teacher or coach would make an excellent reference. Never use a family member for a reference, since employers will assume that they are biased. Make sure to contact each individual you select. Ask for permission to use them as a reference, and verify that you have their correct contact information.
  • The internet is the largest source of job postings. Job searching on the internet is convenient because it can be done from home at any time of the day or night. You can begin your internet search by signing up for popular job posting sites. Monster and CareerBuilder are two of the largest. On these sites, you can search by job name, type, location or many other variables. Don’t forget to check your local newspaper’s website for job openings in your area.
  • Another major job source is job classifieds. Job posting boards exist both online and offline. An example of an offline job board is a bulletin board in a grocery store or a local university. There are many online job boards. These job boards range from the very general to the extremely specialized. Job sites also sometimes have geographical focuses. If you are looking for a job in the field of engineering, it would make sense to visit both general job posting boards and focused engineering job posting boards.

The above advice may help increase your odds of finding steady employment. It is important to remember that your job search is what you make it. With confidence, dedication, and a positive attitude, you can make your dreams of jump-starting a new career path come true.

Use all of these methods for an aggressive approach to finding a job, and increase your chances of finding the perfect position.

Jobs in Your Area

Today’s job market is difficult for job seekers. The rough economy and high unemployment rate are factors that can make your job search take longer than you desire. If you are searching for jobs in only one area, the search can be even more challenging. However, you can follow these tips to perform a thorough search for jobs in your local area.

Networking is often the key to snagging a local job. Do not underestimate the power of personal connections. It is helpful to let your friends and family members know that you are searching for a job. Encourage them to keep you in mind if they hear of any open positions that would be a good fit for you. Attend networking events in your community. Even if you do not land a job from these events, you can make valuable connections for your career.

Your local newspaper is a good source of job postings. Purchase the Sunday paper each week, since it has more job listings than the weekday papers. Free community newspapers and magazines also post open positions. As you shop around town, take note of what stores or restaurants have “Now Hiring” signs in their windows.

Searching for local jobs can have challenges, but it also has its advantages. The biggest advantage of applying for local jobs is that you can apply and interview in person. Set yourself apart from other applicants by dropping off your resume and application. Let the hiring personnel know that you are very interested in the position, and take a moment to explain any relevant experience that you possess.

A quick meeting is a chance to impress the employer with your confidence and positive attitude.

To increase your chances of landing your dream local job, keep a positive attitude during your job search. If you start to feel discouraged, take a day off from the job hunt. You will find a local job that meets your needs by networking, working hard and keeping a smile on your face.