Many people are looking for jobs. Most of us know that our resumes are the starting point to a successful job search. Many companies use a computer software program to scan resumes, so those that have their resume full of the right keywords are at an advantage. You should not lie in your resume; thus, it is essential that you gain the right qualifications.

A better quality of life can be achieved with a better job. Our current economy is still sluggish; however, many employers are having a hard time finding employees with the right skills. Although the current rate of unemployment is high, those that have better qualifications will most likely get the better job.

Our world is changing. It is not enough to just have a college degree. It is more important to have a college degree with a very specific focus. Employers are looking for employees that have the skills needed to perform the job. In addition, employers are looking to compete against stiff competition in the marketplace, so they need people that are the cream of the crop.

Back to School

In the past 4 years, many colleges have seen a huge surge in the number of adult students. Technology is a driving force in our world, and it is absolutely necessary to keep pace with the times. If you do not keep pace, you will be left behind. All of this seems harsh and bleak. It is really not as bad as it may seem. If you embrace change, this can be a very exciting time.

Perhaps, this may be the right time to pursue your true passion. The career of your dreams is within your reach if you get better qualifications.

Employers are at an advantage in our present economy. They have a huge pool of applicants that are desperate to be hired, so naturally, they are going to pick the best candidate for the job.

Other options

There are a number of ways to get a better job. It does not always require going back to college. A seminar, a workshop, a course, or other educational methods may be the key to you getting a better job.

It is important to have a specific goal in mind. If you know what job you are aiming to get, this will increase your chances of preparing for it. Also, you should talk to others in your field. They will most likely have helpful advice. In addition, they may be able to help you land that better job.

Lastly, the internet is an efficient tool to get the information needed to improve your job prospects. The internet has a wealth of information on how to improve your resume and get the job you desire.

Now is the time to do the work. A better job is around the corner; it may not be easy to get, but it is definitely possible. Your future is in your own hands. Take control over your destiny. Stay away from the temptation to feel sorry for yourself. In fact, use that energy to upgrade your skill set.

Using a Resume to Highlight Skills

In today’s competitive job market, making sure that a resume stands out is essential in the process of finding available work, and gaining employment. Having a stand out resume can not only guarantee interviews, but it will give the potential employer reason to want to learn more about the applicant over all others applying. There are many ways to accomplish this, but using a resume to highlight skills and qualifications as well as give an overall sense of the type of person that created the resume is the first step to success.

A typical resume includes many things. Contact information, education, experience, references, and skills should all be included, but another good section to add is any redeeming qualities that a person possesses. The ability to remain calm in an argument, rational thinking skills, the ability to look at situations with an unbiased opinion, and even honesty can all be assets to a resume, and will show the potential employer that there is a desire to express personality as well as get down to business.

 The Skills List

Another important section to focus on is the skills list. This portion of a resume will show the potential employer available skills, even if they have not been used on the job in the past. This is an ideal opportunity for an applicant to show off – especially if they change this section for each resume that they submit.

Tailoring this section to a specific job will keep it at a manageable length, as well as highlight specific skills.

For example, listing skills like “computer literacy, housekeeping experience, and interpersonal skills” would not be necessary to include for a position within a restaurant, but adding skills like “following recipes” and “organization” would be good additions to a set of skills, so long as the prior experience existed. Changing these skills to suit the needs of the position being applied for will make it seem as if the resume is not stock, or used repeatedly.

Bragging is Fine

A resume is a chance for an applicant to brag. This means that it is ok to show off, it is ok to list activities and awards from many years prior, so long as they say something about the individual. Sharing that a person made the Dean’s List in college multiple times, or that they received a humanitarian or volunteering award in high school will say more about a person than simply listing qualifications and moving on. Focusing on past events that have something to do with the potential employment can set one resume apart from the others, and in doing this, the applicant will be more likely to receive an opportunity to interview.

In many cases, a resume is the first contact that an individual will have with a company, so it is important to make a good impression. Highlighting skills and qualities is important. The resume is an extension of the applicant themselves, and can mean the difference between getting hired or not – so it needs to give a completely accurate portrayal of the applicant, or it is not doing its job.