Selling Your Skills and Talents on a Global Scale

Not every job seeker has his or her sights set on finding a job in his or her own country. The reasons behind this are numerous. For example, what if you, the prospective job seeker, feel you could earn more money abroad, while experiencing new cultures and ways of life? Moreover, what if moving abroad meant a promotion for a career-thriving individual such as yourself? The possibilities behind moving overseas to start a new career venture are endless. Still, the question remains: How do you transform your vision into a reality?

First, you must create a candidate profile that speaks to the country in which you are searching employment. Job hunting on an international scale is much different than job hunting in the United States. Nearly all employers abroad are interested in what is called a “curriculum vitae” (CV) rather than the typical American résumé.

A CV contains information such as a recent photograph of yourself, your date of birth, your country of origin, your nationality, languages you speak, your strengths and skills, and an overview of your work history. All these components of a CV — not all of which are found on a standard résumé — aid your potential employer in evaluating the total you and your fit within the organization. While inserting a picture of yourself and your birth date on your CV may seem foreign to you, this practice is perfectly acceptable under most foreign employment laws.

Try a recruitment agency

Perhaps one of the best wells from which a job seeker can draw when looking for career opportunities in foreign countries is that of an employment agency. Employment agencies will assist you in organizing a curriculum vitae that will appeal to employers, especially those employers who are clients of the agency itself. Employment agencies tend to have the upper hand when it comes to presenting you for jobs that are not known by the public. The agent(s) you work with may help you in writing your CV so that it stands out above the rest in a myriad of job applicants. Maintaining yourself at the top of any employer’s list keeps your name fresh and in the forefront of the recruiting process.

Other resources that job seekers have at their fingertips are English language newspapers, international career sites, and other websites that are specifically designed for the expatriate either currently living abroad or wanting to move abroad. Here, you can upload a copy of your CV and let employers find you through their recruiting efforts. It’s always a good idea to give yourself, and your CV, as much exposure as possible. This will keep your name buzzing around recruiters who are hungry for talent.

If you’re considering looking for employment overseas, consider that you will need to remain flexible and open to new ways of presenting yourself as the right candidate for the job. Study the culture and employment practices of your country of interest; it never hurts to be one step ahead of the game!