Dental Hygienist Resume Example

Are you looking for a work as a dental hygienist? Then take some inspiration from our example resume for this job…

Tony Perrin

Dental hygienist

Basic Information

773 Mill Street, Tampa, FL 33602


Work Experience

5/2002 – 8/2002 Office of Dr. Leo Bellman
Dental Hygienist

Advised patients on proper dental hygiene. Prepared patients for treatment while ensuring their comfort and helping to make their dental experience as pleasant as possible. Took radiographic surveys, did routine teeth cleanings and teeth scrapings. Assisted during surgical procedures such as tooth removal and root canal procedures. Also in charge of ensuring that the patients have a clean and sterile environment for their procedures.

4/2000 – Present Office of Dr. Jason Liu
Dental Hygienist

Assisted the dentist in various ways and in various procedures. In charge of the first part of a patient’s dental visit, which involved charting medical history, discussing any new problems and explaining procedures to patients. Also in charge of basic tooth cleaning and advising patients on healthy habits for good dental hygiene.

May 2003 LaSalle University

Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene

Earned a bachelor degree in only three years in the field of dental hygiene. Learned from hands on experience during school about how to treat patients and what about be expected of a dental hygienist in the real world.


Skills Computer skills
Analytical Skills Microsoft Office
Reporting Microsoft
Problem Solving
Other skills
Team Player, Work Under Pressure