There are probably only a few occasions when you will have a chance to really increase your earning power and the key to successfully doing so is to nail that moment. Don’t miss it. Be ready.

The best and first chance is of course at the negotiating table – if you manage to negotiate, say, 5% every time you get a new job you will soon be earning an excellent salary. Try to remember to be competitive not cooperative – that way even your starting salary will be impressive! There are also other things to consider.

  • Timing is imperative – ask what the salary package is when you apply for the job, talking money can be awkward, keep yourself on the front foot.
  • Do your research and be realistic – it’s no good asking for too much or starting too low. Research to see what is the going rate for similar jobs, start at the high end which will give you room to maneuver.
  • Find out what the salary range is – if the salary isn’t posted with the advertisement do a little research. Find the baseline salary that matches your experience and qualifications. Take into account what the market can take.
  • Decide what you need and what you want – not necessarily the same thing. Then decide what you will accept. Don’t forget to be realistic – especially in the current economic climate.
  • Be prepared to show your worth – make sure your resume is up to date and outstanding, bring along a portfolio if necessary. Make the prospective employer realize that you are indeed worth the money you are asking for.

  • Don’t show your cards – in other words don’t discuss your current pay level. Give a polite, none descript answer if questioned ‘my current salary is what you would expect for my current position’ or something along those lines. Don’t lie but don’t give the information up too easily.
  • Try to avoid saying a number – again, if asked, try and be vague ‘I expect to be paid market value for my role’ is a good opener.
  • Be confident and self-assured and then be prepared to leave if the prospective employer doesn’t match your salary expectations. This is fairly easy to do if you are already in a job but if you are unemployed will be much harder – but it’s important not to settle! Know what you are worth and hold out for it.
  • When getting ready for interview get a friend to help you prepare and practice. Research salary negotiation – it is an art which can be learned like most things.
  • Ask about the perks – some non-salary terms can be worth a small fortune – not least good medical insurance, life insurance, workers comp, day care, bonuses, vacation time etc. some are worth more than others and some companies will offer more than others – but if it’s going to be part of your salary package you need to know exactly what is on offer.

  • Don’t be aggressive – more flies are caught with sugar than vinegar. Be pleasant.
  • Ask for the whole salary package offer, including the non-salary items, to be made in writing BEFORE you accept.

Get as Much as You Deserve

Not only for women it is sometimes essential to earn more money. You should then consider finding another job – the second one. For many people, finding two jobs has become necessary with companies downsizing and offering fewer hours to employees, taking a second job can be a practical choice in keeping financially stable. But how does a person go about finding a second job and fitting it into their schedule? Families, other work obligations and the need for every person to have a bit of time to relax can seem like impossible hurdles to overcome. Fortunately, it’s not as hard to find and keep a second job as it sounds.

Get a Resume Ready

Making sure a resume is up to date and is professionally written is one of the most important steps of finding any job. With so many people looking for work, having a polished resume that is a step above the rest is key in landing an interview. Remember, HR managers and hiring teams see a lot of applications, so having a resume which properly highlights your abilities, skills and experience without sounding cliché is essential.

Cover letters are becoming just as important as a solid resume; each cover letter should be specific to the company or position you are applying to. Try to avoid template cover letters whenever possible, as these are usually very generic and over used.

Setting a Schedule

For people who already have a job and who want to find another, it’s important to make sure to pinpoint a set schedule of days and times you will be available to work.

Being honest with your employer is a great way to help make this happen; don’t try to hide the fact you are looking for a second job to make ends meet and would like to try to plan a routine schedule for work days and times. When interviewing for a second job, let them know the schedule of the first so there will be less chances of scheduling conflict.

If you have family obligations, plan for these as well, and be sure to give yourself enough time to rest between jobs. Being constantly exhausted at work will not make a good impression, and your job performance and even your health may suffer.

Don’t stay at the job for safe salary increases over time. That will never get you where you want – freedom from financial worry. Only free time, imagination, creativity, and an ability to disappear will help you deliver value that nobody ever delivered before in the history of mankind.

James Altucher

Look High and Low

Don’t just stop looking at the usual online job postings and sites; check out volunteer opportunities that may lead to job offers. Employment agencies are also a good source of finding either permanent or temporary part-time employment.

Men’s Nightmare: Your Girlfriend Makes More Money Than You

A couple of decades ago, women were expected to stay home and raise children. They were not expected to further their education and start careers. However, times have change drastically. Women have proven that they can do much more than be wives and mothers. In fact, there are many women today who are making more than men.

If your girlfriend is making more money than you, you should not be intimidated by her success. You should be happy that you have someone that works hard. However, if you want to start making more money so that you can match your girlfriend’s success, there are a couple of things that you can do.

If you are not happy with your current profession, you should consider going back to school. Education is one of the best investments that you will ever make. It is also important to note that you will be able to earn more money if you obtain a higher level of education.

Once you have completed, you should consider getting experience in your chosen field. Most employers require that potential employees have experience. Additionally, employers are willing to pay experienced employees more.

If you are happy with the career that you are in, you should consider asking your boss for a raise. It does not hurt to ask, and you may possibly get a yes. However, before you ask your boss for a raise, you should show him why you deserve. You should be willing to take on more responsibility and put in extra time outside of your normal hours. That will show your boss that you are serious about your job and he will be more likely to say yes to a raise.

If your girlfriend is making more money than you, you can rest assured that you are not alone. Again, you should not be intimidated by her success. You should not feel like less of a man just because your woman makes more money than you. However, if you want to make more money, you should consider going back to school and getting experience in a different field. Additionally, taking on more responsibility and putting in overtime will allow you get a raise on your current job.