If you want to be the best worker ever, you must apply yourself. You must first follow all of the rules and guidelines set forth by the company that you are working for such as arriving to work on time, staying away from excessive absence and getting along well with your co-workers. Adhere to the dress code and do not stay on the phone with personal calls. Talking on your cell phone on the job is not good practice at all and some company’s frown on the fact that you use your cell phone at all. Your company rules will be given to you when you are hired and there will probably be a page that you will sign stating that you have read and understand all of the rule.

Also, you must pay close attention to the details of your job task. Make sure that you are performing your job to the best of your ability. Do not do a part of your job and leave a part of it for someone else to finish up for you. In fact, you will get more job kudos if you finish your work and then help others who may be behind on their work. Always offer your help to others when you have completed your own task, if they turn down your help, then find something else to do, but always keep yourself looking busy.

If you must be off from work, try and make arrangements ahead of time. Let your superior know that you must be off on a certain day at a certain time. If you are able to make your appointment and have time to go back to work, you should definitely go back, your superior will certainly appreciate the effort that you put into getting back to your job responsibility.

Keep your word, if you say that you are going to do a project or job, you need to follow through on it and make sure that you complete it. This will let your superior and your coworkers know that they can depend on you and this will also earn you a lot of respect.

Remember your manners, they go a long way in the work force, be kind and courteous to others and try and stay away from creating drama or being involved in someone else’s drama.

How to Better Organize Your Time

Getting all of your work done means that you need to have good time management skills. There are going to be times when you are going to be required to do more work than one person should have to handle. A big reason for this is that companies are hiring fewer workers in an effort to cut costs. Your ability to handle whatever workload comes your way will decide your future with the company.

Organize and Prioritize

It is very important that everything is scheduled to the last detail. Buy an organizer to keep track of all your meetings and assignment due dates. This organization is going to allow you to figure out which tasks you should be working on at a given time. Tasks that need to be completed right away should be given top priority. Missing deadlines will look unprofessional and can impact others in the company.

Ask for Help

Never be afraid to ask for help on a project. You might not get the help but asking for help will allow your boss to at least be on the lookout for someone who can pick up some slack. A good manager is going to want the job done right, so getting the job done correctly will overshadow any objections he may have about your request for more resources.

Stay Away from Distractions

Use your phone for business purposes only. That rule also goes for any social media site that you might waste time using during the day. Focusing on your work will allow you to get more done and avoid the stress that comes with barely meeting your deadlines. Your boss will also be understanding about finding you the help you need if he realizes you are working hard. No boss wants to devote extra resources for an employee who wastes time during the day.

Come to Work Rested

A well-rested employee is a productive employee. Not having to waste time waiting for that coffee to kick can be a big advantage. Get plenty of sleep the night before and do whatever it takes to get into a regular sleep cycle. It doesn’t matter how hard it seems, getting your full eight hours of sleep is going to make a big difference to your productivity at work.

Getting your work done on time is an essential part of a successful career. Efficiency and productivity are two criteria most bosses use to determine the value an employee brings to the company. Make sure you are not disappointing your boss by not managing your time properly.

Attention to Details

Once your boss gives you a project, pay attention to any details that you are given whether they are written or verbal. This will help guide you in completing the project the way your company or boss would like it to be done. For instance, if your boss asks for a project to be completed within a week and asks that last year’s results be included, you can then take this project a step further. Make sure that last year’s results are included, however, maybe you can also break down the results by regions of the country, or age groups, or day-to-day results. Giving last year’s results plus adding a little extra is improving your paying attention to details.

Organization Skills

Every day, as you fall into a routine of things that need to get done by day’s end, you’ll become more aware of efficiently organizing your workspace to get these tasks done. Analyze your daily routine and improve upon what you can do to make your job easier. This will help improve your organization skills which is important in every job and looks great on a resume.

Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.

Bill Russell

Become a Better Listener

In order to concentrate on what is being asked of you and to do a better a job, you’ll need to be a good listener. You’ll need to listen to your boss and concentrate on what he or she is saying. If you’re in a team project, then you’ll need to listen to your co-workers in order to complete the project. Good communication skills are highly sought after.

Take responsibility for your job and do it well as you improve your job skills.