Getting a promotion and higher salary can be really good for your body. There are many reasons why you may find yourself to be a little healthier after getting promoted. You may not stress out any less, but you will find that your life is a little less hectic in most cases.

You Work Regular Hours

Most part-time workers, full-time employees and lower level managers tend to work whenever they are scheduled to work. This may mean that night and weekend hours are necessary. It may even mean working on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not being able to determine when you will have dinner with your family can be frustrating as well. However, as a member of the executive team, you will find that you have the same schedule each week.

Paying the Bills Is Easier

Most promotions come with raises to your salary. Making more money means it is easier to pay your bills. Having the ability to pay your bills ensures that will not stress about your finances. Unburdening yourself of at least one issue outside of work makes your life a lot easier. Therefore, getting a promotion helps your heart and body in that way.

Delegation Lessens Your Physical Work Load

You may not have to do as much physical labor anymore. Interacting with customers may be the job of someone else now. These are two areas where a physical problem could be exacerbated. If you had a heart issue, you might not be able to life more than a certain amount of weight. The stress of a dealing with an angry customer could be detrimental to your health as well.

Medical Insurance May Be Included

If you have gotten better medical coverage, you are going to have more resources available to fight any health problems that you are having. This means that you have the money for the medication that you need if you have a heart issue. It could be the difference between suffering and finding a cure for your issue.

Getting a promotion is a great way to help your cardiovascular system. You get regular hours, more money and better insurance. These things will help you reduce stress on your body. In turn, you will feel healthier and happier while at work.

Another Job Opportunity: Family Business

Working in a family company has its pros and cons; its ups and downs. Working with your family means you have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to certain things, such as time off when a new baby arrives or when you are getting married or when you want to take your children on college campus tours when they’re getting ready to graduate high school.

When you work with family you are more than likely able to work your schedule around that of your children, so that you can pick them up from school each afternoon and still have time to make it to their soccer games and get them ready for school dances. In addition, working for family means you can take as many sick days as you need to care for your young ones because you can probably work from home with the understanding of your family coworkers.

However, the pros of working with family also come with cons. Family, love them or hate them, often take advantage of one another in situations because they feel that it is okay to do that to someone that loves them, even though they would never treat another coworker in the same manner. Your parents might be harder on you than other employees because they are your parents and want to see you succeed.

If you work with your siblings, you might find yourself picking up the slack behind your carefree sister when she decides to take off on long weekends or head out for a manicure and pedicure every Friday afternoon. In addition, your family members often have no problem calling you at all hours, on the weekends or on holidays to talk business when all you want to do is relax.

However, if you are not in love with the idea of working for the family company, you don’t have to. You can always dust off the old resume and look for a position at a company owned by someone that doesn’t come over on Christmas morning for breakfast and the big gift exchange. If your resume isn’t up to date you can find templates and examples online that will help you to create a more professional working resume.

If you call failures experiments, you can put them in your resume and claim them as achievements.

Mason Cooley

Use your position in your family owned business to your advantage when writing your resume. As a family company you have probably worked on more complicated projects than other people that work in the same industry; other prospective employers love that. In addition, add to your resume all of the positions you held at your family company; since you do work for family you probably have an inner knowledge of how just about every position in the company works, which gives you an advantage when applying for jobs with other companies. Knowing the inner workings of a company makes you more valuable to employers looking to hire someone that is familiar with the industry before starting their new job. Update your resume and begin the process of looking for a new job.

Different Types of Work Benefits

There are many different types of benefits associated with both full time and part time jobs. Whether you work in a family company or not, you should be aware of them. Some are available for all kinds of employees including temporary or part time, while others may only be available to permanent full-time staff. When you are searching for a job, it is important to keep in mind what kind of benefits you are looking for from an employer. If you must have health insurance and paid vacation, do not send your resume to a position that advertises “no benefits.”

Vacation time is one of the most common types of work benefits. Most companies offer some sort of vacation package to their employees. In some situations, it is necessary to “earn” vacation time. After a new employee has worked a certain number of hours, they will receive a certain amount of vacation time that they can take each year. In other situations, the time may come automatically upon employment. Part time employees may only receive a few days of paid vacation time a year and it may stay the same the entire time they are employed by the company. Full time employees may receive more time than part timers will, and it may grow over the time of their employment. If they begin with one week of paid vacation a year, after a certain number of years of employment, it may be two or three or even more weeks of paid vacation time a year.

Paid sick leave and personal leave are very similar to paid vacation time. Some companies offer them only to full time employees who have worked a certain number of hours, and others offer them to all employees. Usually you will receive less paid sick time and personal leave days than you will vacation time. Companies that are closed on holidays will often times pay employees for those days even though they are not working. And companies that are open on holidays will most times pay employees time and a half or double their normal rate of pay to come in on those days.

Aside from vacation time, sick leave, and holiday pay, there are other types of benefits associated with work. While small companies may not offer much in the way of health insurance or retirement accounts, larger companies will often have a variety of options available in these areas. They may provide their employees with health insurance, dental insurance, and even life insurance, all at a substantially lower rate than you would have to pay a private insurance company for coverage on your own. In some cases, a company may cover all costs entirely.

But usually a monthly fee is deducted from your paychecks to cover a portion of the cost. Large companies also often offer 401K and retirement accounts for their full-time employees who have worked with them a certain amount of time. These can be confusing to understand if you have never had one before, so it is a good idea to talk with human resources about what is offered, when it will be available to you, and whether or not you have the option to opt-out of partaking in it if you want to.