Unpleasant Situations You May Face at Work

No employee should have to deal with difficult and too stressing situations while on the job. However, there are many employees who will have to deal with it each day. Have a look at some of them. In some cases, you can easily find out how to solve or prevent them.

How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Work

There are many steps that a business can take to ensure that sexual harassment becomes a thing of the past.

Education Is Key

Employees need to know constitutes sexual harassment. The lines can be quite blurry between an innocent joke and an insult. Having clear guidelines as to what constitutes sexual harassment is going to help your employees stay away from that kind of behavior. Seminars and other educational resources should be utilized to ensure that the message is getting through.

Employees Need to Speak Up

Employers can only do so much to make sure that the workplace is safe. Employees have to speak up if they have been a victim of sexual harassment. There can be no action taken against the offender if nothing is reported. Employers should have anonymous outlets that can be used to report sexual harassment. This will allow a victim to come forward without having to provide an identity right away.

Enforce a Dress Code

A common rationale for sexual harassment is that the victim was somehow asking for it. Eliminate this excuse by enforcing a company dress code. Requiring all employees to wear professional attire at all times should make it harder for employees to dress in a distracting manner.

Get to Know Your Employees

Any good manager is going to get to know his employees. This means getting a sense of what makes a person tick and what kind of personality each person has. Taking this kind of proactive action can help stop sexual harassment before it starts. A manager who knows of a certain employee who likes to crack jokes can keep that employee away from female workers. Containing the problem can make the workplace less hostile for everyone in the office.

Actions Should Have Consequences

There needs to be a penalty for anyone who is caught in violation of company policy regarding sexual harassment. A clear policy will make it easier to terminate employees who repeatedly violate the sexual harassment policy. When employees know that the company is willing to take action, there will be fewer offenders in the long run.

Sexual harassment is not something that should be taken lightly. There is no good reason for anyone to be subjected to comments or other actions based upon their looks. Employers should stress that sexual harassment is wrong and that the victim is never at fault. This should make it a little easier to deal with the issue should it ever come up.

Women Discrimination at Work: Is it Really Over?

Women have always been looked down on by society. Even though most of today’s women go to college and start careers, the “keep the women barefoot and pregnant” stereotype is still prevalent. Women are still being discriminated against in many places and that includes the work place.

It is a well-known fact that women’s salaries are less than men’s. A woman who works 40 hours per week can only expect to earn 85 percent of what a man who does the same job earns. The pay difference is even worse for women who work overtime. A woman who works over 60 hours per week can only expect to earn 75 percent of what a man earns.

There is no reason that a hard-working woman should not be paid as much as a man. America is a country that was founded on the principles of justice and equality for all. A woman bringing home a check that is significantly less than her male counterparts is an example of injustice and inequality. The pay difference between men and women further illustrates that discrimination in the workplace is still a problem.

Many businesses will assert that they are an equal opportunity employer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Studies have shown that employers are more likely to choose a male over an equally-qualified female. Researchers have also found that attractive women are less likely to be hired. Many women are encouraged to take pride in their appearance, but that may be the thing that keeps them from landing the job of their dreams.

Motherhood is a blessing, but many employers see it is a curse that keeps a woman from working. Employers are less likely to hire pregnant woman. A pregnant woman will obviously need to take several weeks off to deliver her child, but that does not mean she is a qualified worker. Additionally, many women have reported that their employer fired them when they got pregnant. That type of injustice is inexcusable.

There are several people that think that discrimination against women in the workplace no longer exists. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do women make less money than men, but they are also less likely to get hired in the first place. Some employers also see pregnancy as a limitation and will refuse to hire a pregnant woman. Discrimination against women in the workplace is still a problem. This problem will only get worse if people do not acknowledge that it exists.

Gossips at Work

Gossiping at work sounds like a harmless idea. Television shows and movies show co-workers gathered around the water cooler, discussing what other people in the office do. Some might even claim that gossip is healthy because it gives workers the chance to express themselves and relax during the work day. The problem is that gossip is actually unhealthy because it can damage self-esteem and stop people from completing the work that needs finishing. The more time that you spend gossiping at work, the less time you have to do your job.

Most workplaces have at least one office gossip. You know the person you work with that always seems to know what is happening before it happens. This is the person that descends on you as soon as you walk into the office, full of stories about what people did over the weekend, what the boss said after everyone left for the night and stories about clients. The office gossip seems to know more than the newspapers, and it always ready to hover behind you and keep you from focusing on your own tasks.

The stereotypical office gossip exists in almost every job. Even if you work for a small business with only a handful of employees, you likely have a gossip. The odds are good that other workers feel uncomfortable with gossip, but that they won’t say anything. All a gossip needs is one person willing to listen to those stories. The best way to handle the gossip at your workplace is by ignoring the talk.

You must create a game plan for yourself that prepares you for any gossip. You should avoid spending time where the gossip takes place, whether it is around the water cooler, a particular desk or even at the reception area at the front of your office. If you need something from one of those places, get it as fast as possible and then immediately go back to your own desk. If the gossip comes to your desk or another co-worker decides to discuss the latest stories with you, then just ignore it. Make sure that your co-workers understand that you want to focus on your work and not the latest stories.

With the changes to work-related technology, you might find yourself confronted with gossip through your work email. Co-workers send you emails with links to funny pictures, videos and stories online. Your co-workers also send you emails filled with the latest gossip about others that you work around. All you need to do is delete the email before you read it or put it in a separate file for reading later. If you keep ignoring the emails or stop responding, your co-workers eventually learn that you aren’t interested.

Show me someone who never gossips, and I will show you someone who is not interested in people.

Barbara Walters

Gossip is a regular part of the day at most companies. You can still partake in the gossip but limit yourself. When you notice that you spend more time talking to your co-workers than you do working, cut back on your free time. Sit down and work for a set period of time every day before you give yourself any free time to spend with your friends and other workers.

How to Handle an Embarrassing Situation at Work

There are going to be days when you wish you had never shown up for work. The copier isn’t working, you have a cold and your car got a flat tire on the way to the office. Nothing can make a bad day worse than getting into an embarrassing situation at work. How do you keep your cool and go about your day?

Stay in the Moment

The best way to minimize any further damage is to just stay in the moment. Do not panic or get too upset about what just happened. The greatest of men have had to deal with situations that they do not ever want to remember, so understand that sometimes things happen that we have no control over. Compose yourself and try to think of a way to diffuse the situation.

Make the Situation Better

Walking away is a great response to a time when you are embarrassed. It allows some time for you to cool down and compose yourself. An immature response is going to do nothing but further embarrass you, and it will chip away at your professional reputation in the office. Once you are composed, have a conversation with whoever was involved as two professionals.

Find a Resolution

If you have a good reputation within the office, you will most likely find that the situation is forgotten about rather quickly. Everyone is entitled to their mistakes every so often. As long as you weren’t caught stealing money, you should be able to survive the incident in the long run. It would be a good idea to prepare for hearing accounts of the story for years to come.

Forget the Situation Ever Happened

The incident is forever in the past as soon as you leave work that day. The next day, you should have a new attitude and act like nothing happened. Show that you are a mature adult who is not going to engage in petty grudges at the office. It will prove your professional mettle while hopefully gaining the respect of those who work with you. People like to see how you respond to sticky situations just as much as they would like you to avoid them in the first place.

No one will go an entire career without some less than proud moments taking place. The key is to make sure you can get past them as quickly as possible. Keep your professional wits about you at all times and show that you can be an adult. That is the only way to truly deal with embarrassing moments at work.

Injuries from Work

Injuries from work can be really difficult to handle. If you are not prepared for them, they can be devastating. For example, if you don’t have disability insurance or critical illness insurance, you will be completely unprotected when you get into an accident.

Injuries from work are quite rare in white-collar jobs, but they are much more prominent in blue-collar jobs. If your family works hard to put food on the table with their back-breaking labor, then they can be horribly heartbroken when they get injuries from work. They cannot use their minds to earn income. They cannot use their mental skills to earn cash. That means that injuries from work will completely take them off the job market. If the injuries are serious enough, they will really be in trouble. If the injuries are minor, they may be able to recover and get another job soon.

Too many people really haven’t thought about the need to get disability insurance and critical illness insurance, but they really should. It is almost a necessity for blue-collar families, especially where only one member of the family is a breadwinner.

Injuries from work may be covered under your company’s health plan. Check before you start working with them. Make sure that you can get compensation if you get hurt.

If you are a freelancer or an independent contractor, it can be particularly devastating if you get injuries from work. Your employer may not have any compensation for you. You will just be one more guy looking for work. That would be a terrible fate for you. You would be hard-pressed to survive in that position.

Families that suffer injuries from work will want to have some sort of savings set aside so that they can last 6 months or more while the injuries heal. This will also give other people in the family a chance to get a job and help pay for things. Everyone can pull together if there is enough time, but there is usually not enough time, because there is not enough savings set aside. If there is not enough savings set aside, then the family will be completely hurt by injuries from work.