Working in Open Space

Open Space is a great way for people who have common work interests to come together and get good work done. Sometimes people who have the same ideas or want to work on something with a common goal, are not in the same area. This can be a problem for them when they want to collaborate. However, through Open Space and its technology, it is possible for them to come together and create great results on a regular basis.

With Open Space meetings occur on a regular basis, as well as other events and functions. The people participating will create work sessions in which they work on the basic strategy and idea for their group. Their job is to answer questions about what they want to achieve and how they want to go about achieving it. They also set goals for exactly how much work they can get done in a certain time frame.

These groups can vary in the amount of people who are working in them. The groups may be as few as 10 or 20 people or could be up to 2000 people. It all depends on how many are willing to work on the idea, and how big their project is.

Open Space can work with people in a proximity to each other, or those who get together for a conference or anything else to work on a common goal. After all, it is all about achieving that common goal. The ideal initial condition is people who are committed to getting work done. If this initial optimism and desire to get work done is there, then anything can be achieved.

There are always going to be obstacles to working in open space. In fact, along the way there will be plenty of issues. Certain topics or agendas will be brought up and ignored, and certain people will have their point of view discarded in favor of another approach.

However, there are so many benefits to working in open space. You develop a sense of team work, accomplishment and the ability to solve real problems that are plaguing the world on a daily basis.

Make Your Office Pleasant

Wherever you work, your work environment should be pleasant. A pleasant work environment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to really loving life or dreading the daily grind. The average person spends approximately 33% of their waking hours at work. There are a number of factors that workers have no control over when it comes to work such as the behavior of co-workers, the boss or even the workload. Most working hours are spent in the office or work space and this is the one place that employees do have control.

I’m proud of my office. I’m proud of the work that we do.

Pam Bondi

Health and Ergonomics

The first crucial step to making the work space inviting and pleasant is to have proper ergonomics. Ergonomics is having the right equipment that fits an individual’s body. The placement of the monitor, keyboard, and chair can have a profound impact on overall health and comfort.

A monitor that sits too close or too far can cause eye-strain, headaches, inability to focus, and even permanent vision damage. The distance and level of the keyboard can be the difference between the ability to be productive and the potential for carpal tunnel syndrome. A strong and supportive chair can be comfortable and inviting. A chair not at the right level or support can cause years of lower back pain in the long run. Ergonomics is the first step to ensuring a pleasant work environment.


An organized work space is an efficient work space. Work can flow more easily when tools and implements are always where they should be, and documents are in the right place. Nothing is more frustrating or annoying than not being able to find the document a boss asks for at a moment’s notice. Tasks can easily be overlooked on top of a disorganized slush pile.

Organization starts with having everything in its place. Pens, pencils, and staplers should have a regular place on the desk that is easy to reach for when needed. Work folders should be labeled and filed or placed in an appropriate basket. One of the most pleasant feelings at work is that of accomplishment and productivity. An organized work space helps to get projects and deadlines accomplished in a timely manner.


An ergonomically correct, well-organized work space is a very sterile work environment without a personality. The final touch to making an office or work space a pleasant place to be is to personalize it. The office can easily be turned into a home away from home with a few personal touches. Pictures of family, friends, and pets can lift spirits and provide a moment of joy. A few magnets of places visited in the past can be placed on a file cabinet or overhead bin and provide a fond memory. Just about anything that is self-expressive can be placed in the office or work area as long as it doesn’t take up too much space.

Work and the office are integral parts of life. The work environment can make all the difference between really enjoying each day and dreading it. A pleasant office or work space can help make each day a joy.